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22. prosince 2012 v 22:17

defense budget Thursday night, accusing President Barack Obama of weakening future American power.

"His trillion-dollar cuts to our military will eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs, and also put our security at greater risk," the former Massachusetts governor said in his acceptance speech to the GOP national convention in Tampa, Florida. Hey let's raid medicare by making seniors pay more, let's increase taxes on middle class and poor, cut programs to help neediest. But make sure the swiss replica watches wealthy can buy their imported rolls, Rolex watches, etc which make few to no jobs for Americans. All they are coming out with is how the audience and onlookers were brought to TEARS, and they're bragging about how many people were "crying" and how "sorrowful" the night was. I have ONE question, why is it that everyone had to be brought to TEARS, just to understand ROMNEY - I don't buy that!? Why??? …

… because Romney then turns around and criticizes that moment in time in 2008 and how "exciting" it was when President Obama was elected and somehow NOW, that excitement is LOST (he wishes that, but it's not true). But Romney forgets that excitement rose from a very "historical" moment in our history and THAT, is a reason to cry!!! He also forgets that moment will come again in 2012 when President Obama is reelected. So Romney's attempt to take all of that away from us - AND, the Republican's attempt to make President Obama a one-term president from DAY ONE, is not going to work…. PERIOD!

Obama 2012 - The Only Trusted Way Forward!!

August 31, 2012 08:41 am at 8:41 am |

With Mittens' promise of a new war against Iran, and no way to pay for it, he is even more out of touch than "W." His speech was full of lies and misinformation. For the sixth time he went with the 'pants of fire' lie about $716 billion cut from medicare, and, after attacking women's rights for two years, he began to pander for the women's vote by flip flopping. Take Ryans blatant lie about the President and the economy related to the Janesville plant in early Replica Watches 2008 when the economy was booming and the president spoke of the economy asit was somehow Ryan eveidently knew it was going to crash under his and the Republican guidance so now Romney talks about military cuts that are a lie (currently) but the Republicans must be planning for this and the loss of the jobs under their watch and then blaming the President again their lies are so blatant they are now showing a moronic pattern that anyone with an IQ a in double digits should be able to see. Makes me want to throw up

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