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In an industry where only a fraction of the talent finds success, it's not hard to see that there's more to making it than making good music. It can take years to get a record deal, even if you're good. So many musicians make the mistake of putting all their stock into outdated marketing strategies and dead-end demos. They end up blending in with the rest; their demos and their press kits end up in the trash. There's no reason to wait for a suit to tell you it's your time. The music industry is moving out of the traditional brick and mortar and into the digital realm; indie artists are finding more and more ways to get there music out of their garages and into your iPod. Emerging artists looking for play time will get their name out there not by sending out hundreds of demos, but by getting their face and name on the web, getting their music played for the people who will listen, and building up a following. Record companies can't ignore a well established fan base.

When you're starting out, forget fame for a second, and get down the basics:

Think of your favorite artists: before all the fans, before the CDs, before the Rolex watches and the autographs, they were all just musicians, and they knew how to play. If you're truly committed to making it in the music industry, then be committed to the music first. Practice and master your craft. This is the most practical, common, yet important advice you'll ever get. If you want to make a lasting impact and develop a steady, long term career, breitling watches not only should you take the time to develop your own unique sound, but you should know and play your instrument well. Whether it's your voice or your guitar, you should be the best at what you do. Only hard work and commitment will get you there.

If your only audience is your immediate family or your roommate, you're not going anywhere. The key to building a fan base is to play your music and get your music played. Bars, coffee houses, high schools, YMCA's, local fairs - if there's a venue, do everything you can to get up on that stage. If you've followed my advice above and you have a dose of natural talent, this shouldn't be a problem. Above all else, make sure that anybody Replica Watches and everybody that might want to hear you play always knows when and where your gigs are. (See #3) The best advertisement is word-of-mouth. Talk about it, tell everyone, create the hype and get your friends and family to do the same.

Secondly, get your music out there so people can listen to it. Your chances of hearing yourself on the fm radio right off the bat are slim; but put yourself on the internet, and your chances of getting air time skyrocket. Internet radio is the fastest growing medium for music. Record your songs and put the mp3's on the net; no one can resist a free download. Once it's on their player, your chances of getting heard will grow exponentially. Music sharing is often portrayed in such a negative light, and this may be the case for established artists and their labels, but for new artists it has the opposite effect. That's where Blue Beam Radio enters the picture.

Nine times out of ten, the first thing I do when I hear a new artist is visit their website. Even if it's a single page, find yourself a piece of digital real-estate and put a face and a look with the name. Forget telling people where you've played or what you've done. Instead, tell them about the story your lyrics tell, how you connect with the music and why you play. Listeners are more interested in what the music means and what it can do for them than anything else. Make sure to include a list of upcoming events, samples of your music, etc. Blue Beam Radio is designed to help you in this department. Not only can you create a band page and upload your music for free, but you increase your chances of getting heard and known. If you make it into the top ten and stay there for three to four months, you've got yourself a gig in New York.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether you've got the talent and the appeal; after that, it's what you choose to do with it. Blue Beam Radio can help you get the air time and exposure you need to get your music out there and make your big break. It's your chance, be heard.

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