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Screws, Nuts and bolts, generally called Fasteners are the basic and essential components in any mechanical assembly, machineries, and parts that hold the individual components together to its intended function and use. Critical to this application includes material of the fastener with respect to the application; load capacity in tensile strength and torque; application and environment versus corrosion; maintainability, availability and cost; and proper selection of fasteners with respect to applied design functions.

Material of Fastener with respect to the application. Fastener, nuts and bolts' material must be carefully selected with respect to its intended use and application. SUS 316 grade is recommended for food-grade or corrosive environment. High tensile materials are use for high load and impact application.

Load holding capacity. Nuts and bolts have their respective load capacity specified by the manufacturers. This specification is very important consideration in machine design to ensure safety and integrity of a mechanical assembly. Specific letter or number code is embossed at the bolt head for user quick reference.

Application and environmental corrosion aspects. Harsh environment concern pertaining use of fastener is one major consideration to ensure safety and reliability of tool and products. For food grade industry, proper selection of non-toxic, non-oxidant material is often recommended and prescribed by law. SUS 316 grade is often recommended and food grade steel where appropriate is used.

Maintainability, availability and cost is also a consideration in selecting fasteners. Some special steel / metal materials maybe applicable but not economical to use due to cost and availability as they are oil press not commercially manufactured.

Selection with respect to design functionality. Not all fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, washers can serve the same purpose that will satisfy the intended design function. As the case, some maybe too brittle or too soft with respect to torsion, temperature, shock and impact, and load carrying capacity. For general maintenance practices, replace fasteners only the specified grade or the same as the original part that oil press machine needs replacement.

The basic design of screw is from the basic knowledge of an inclined plane that has been used from the ancient time to gain mechanical advantage and transmit power. It has been furthermore developed to hold, fasten, and to apply force as a means of power transmission. Fine threads are used for fine adjustment applications while coarse or normal threads are used for fasteners and jacks.

Proper care of screws, bolts and nuts includes keeping them rust-free at all times. Maintain it soaked in light lube oil to avoid rusting. Else you live and suffer these consequences; corroded fasteners, worn-out threads, squeaky, rattling parts and assemblies, falling off machine and body parts will result to catastrophic failure and DEATH.

And lastly, screw, bolts and nuts are CHEAP! Replace immediately if it shows any sign of wear and tear, corrosion, before it creates irreversible catastrophic damage!

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