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2. července 2013 v 8:54

Stumped about what to get that tech lover? Cross stress off your holiday shopping list with some of our favorite items from The 2012 Giftees Winners Best Gadget Gift.

No need to panic if your iPhone battery is low. This little life-saving lithium device can be charged for three hours and on hot standby should your phone need a pick-me-up. Retails for $35.Forget earbuds, decent headphones are all the rage and these are some of the best and boast the first interchangeable on-ear headphones with V8 Sound Engine™ speakers. Retails for $35.

3. Duo Pinball iPad Controller. Turn your iPad into a realistic pinball machine. Perfect for the pinball wizard and arcade nut. Retails for sol republic headphones $59

4. Cell Lock Up. If you tired of the distracting a loved one at dinner? iPhone getting more attention than you? Put your cell phone in jail. Features two bunks where electronic inmates will stay put until the lock is released on a timer that sol republic tracks hd you can set.

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